Miso Apple Pie

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because it 100% just revolves around stuffing myself to the brim with dozens of delicious comfort food dishes. On top of…

pantryno7 bean potato salad3

French Bean & Potato Salad

You know what I love to eat most in the summer? A juicy seared steak, charred green onions, and bold salads made with seasonal farmer’s…


Ragù alla Bolognese

I like to spend Sundays in the kitchen, nursing my Saturday night hangover with a long and complex cooking project. I love the way the…


Vietnamese Canh Chua

When people think Vietnamese food, one thing comes to mind: pho. Fragrant, savory, and super delicious. What’s not to love? But the world of Vietnamese soup…


Cherry Apricot Crumble

Nothing says fall to me more than crumble, full of sweet and tart stone fruits, buttery crumb topping, with cold ice cream melting milky rivers into…


Vietnamese Pho

Sometimes I feel like I’m 30 going on 60. I’m a total hotel snob, a sunscreen nazi, and I think pot-lucks are the worst (just provide…

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Yamakase is an 11 seat sushi bar on a non-descript corner of Culver City in Los Angeles.  Garnering both rave reviews and negative press, it’s hard to…

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Il Pellicano Review

I recently traveled to Tuscany for a wedding, and nothing excited me more than choosing the fabulous Michelin star restaurants I would visit along the way!…


Sushi Aoki Shanghai

Shanghai has always been a mecca for divine Chinese food.  Being China’s most metropolitan city, Shanghai draws influences from all over Asia, and now, the world….