Rosemary’s NYC

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I love visiting New York. I love the chaos, the vibrant streets, and the food. Oh the food. I always plan my trips around how many restaurants I absolutely must try.  There is a new restaurant popping up every week and there is never enough time to eat my way through. During my latest adventure in July I went to Rosemary’s for a casual lunch. The restaurant is filled with natural light, rustic wood tables, and has the most amazing roof top garden. They pride themselves in growing their own produce and you can really taste the difference!

The Food:

1. Focaccia: This is an absolute must. Forget your diet and stuff your face with this pillowy and cheesy homemade bread.

2. Chopped Salad “Siciliana”: Not your traditional chopped salad but it packs a flavor punch with crunchy artichokes, plump raisins, and caper berries!

3. Olive oil cake: By far one of the best desserts I have had (I know this is a bold statement but it is true!). The cake is so moist it melts in your mouth and it is accompanied by a vanilla whipped cream and a tangy blueberry compote.

Overall the meal was excellent but I’m giving it a higher rating based on that incredible dessert and roof top garden!

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The Breakdown

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