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I actually began my love affair with this restaurant shortly after dining at Animal (their sister restaurant). A close friend of mine worked as a line cook at Son of a Gun and convinced me to come in and try it even before the rave began.┬áSon of a Gun is the brain child of Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (two of my favorite chefs in Los Angeles). These guys have an amazing talent for making flavor combinations blow your mind and your palate. The decor is warm and inviting and the communal table encourages sharing! Once you have ordered everything you wish to try, they will course it out for you which adds greatly to the overall experience of the meal.┬áTheir menu changes seasonally but they have a few signature dishes year round that will never let you down! When they first opened they had a fried alligator dish with an orange and vanilla essence coleslaw-unfortunately it has been retired from the menu but I’m always hoping for a comeback!

I can write about every single dish on the menu but I’ll stick to a few of my favorites:


1. Shrimp Toast: A square of heaven, rich and decadent shrimp fried into the bread and served with a siracha and soy sauce.

2. Lobster Roll: Creamy, chunky, buttery, and lemony. Do I need to say more?

3. Oysters on the half shell: Served with the traditional accouterment (Horseradish, hot sauce, pickled mignonette) they will pep you up!

4. Curly Kale Caesar: They are big fans of the kale revolution and their version of a classic is a hit! The salad has a spicy kick from the pepper, super tangy vinaigrette, crunchy walnuts, and creamy parmesan.

5. Hamachi Crudo: This refreshing appetizer has a light Galby vinaigrette, crunchy gala apples, and radishes.

6. Linguini and Clams: This dish uses a sea urchin and garlic oil which gives this dish a amazing richness.

7. Octopus: Charred and served with a refreshing mirepoix salad and citrus vinaigrette.

8. Roasted Escolar: Creamy mashed potatoes with truffle jus, perfectly roasted fish, and crispy chicken skin!

9. Fried Chicken Sandwich: Juicy and crunchy chicken served on a buttery bun with a pickles and cabbage slaw. Make sure you share because it will fill you up quick!

10. Desserts: They bake 2 pies per night and usually sell out within a few hours of service! If you don’t get some pie I recommend the deconstructed key lime pie with charred marshmallow, and key lime sorbet.


I love their bartenders and their drink menu. Some of my favorites are The Vesper, The Cider Cup, and the Gold Rush. If you don’t feel like a cocktail try their homemade sodas!


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