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About Us

TRACY CHOW | Tracy is an Art Director and Graphic Designer at Whalerock Industries. In the past, she has attended both Parsons and culinary school, and brings a keen eye for design and love for food to Pantry No. 7.  On weekends, you might find Tracy whipping up a French themed dinner party while designing charming menus, food signage and cheeky prop mustaches.

JEN YU | Jen is a lover of life, consummate storyteller, and alchemist of flavors & ingredients from around the world.  She thrills in fresh briny ocean oysters, bright green herbs, and discovering the best local ingredients.  By day, Jen is a Googler, and spends her time trying to tackle the problems of the internet world. In her free time, she loves to cook, shoot, and write for Pantry No. 7.

SERVICES | We partner with brands to develop and style recipes, and shoot stills and video content. We also work with brands on promotions through our Instagram channel. Email us at to find out more.


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