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Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Belly on Rice)

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I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what an instant pot was when my coworker came in raving about it one day. “It was the biggest selling item on Amazon prime day!” she flailed. “It does everything! It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer!” A bit of googling tells me it also makes yogurt (huh?!) and connects to Bluetooth. The …  Read more Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Belly on Rice)

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Beef Noodle Soup

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Beef noodle soup is one of my favorite dishes to order at Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants. A huge, steaming bowl of chewy noodles floating in a dark soup, dotted with melt-in-your-mouth pieces of beef, the occasional tendon, and green bok choy, all for around $10. How can you go wrong with that? My only beef (ha!) with restaurant beef noodle soup is …  Read more Beef Noodle Soup

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Oxtail Soup

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Oxtail represents everything I love about meat – it’s mostly bone, cartilage, and tendon (hello flavor!). The bone is surrounded by little morsels of the flavorful, chewy, tender meat that’s characteristic of an animal’s boney parts, like duck or chicken neck. Some people hate working for their food, but it makes it so much more enjoyable for me. I could sit there …  Read more Oxtail Soup