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Braised Short Rib Pierogi

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It’s a big year for me and Jen. We are embarking on this motherhood journey together and welcoming two little boys into this world. Jen is currently 32 weeks pregnant and my little one is already 2 months old. This post is dedicated to our baby boys, Jaxon and Kaiden. Our very first dinner party together, Jen and I made braised short …  Read more Braised Short Rib Pierogi

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Seafood Pasta in Parchment

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I’m pregnant with my first baby and it seems like the only thing I want to eat is pasta and pizza! When I’m not shoving cookies and ice cream in my mouth, that is. Pre-pregnancy I was a big carnivore, and suddenly I find myself repulsed by most kinds of meat and fish. I can’t imagine anything less appealing than a piece …  Read more Seafood Pasta in Parchment

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Ippudo Cucumber Salad

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One of the most memorable dishes I’ve ever eaten is a sesame cucumber salad, years ago at Ippudo in Singapore. The dish is called “GOMA Q”, and described as “Crunchy Japanese cucumber with original sesame dressing”. Ippudo’s ramen is always great but I’ve never forgotten the Ippudo cucumber salad. Fresh, crunchy, cold slices of cucumber swimming in a salty, garlicky, sesame oil …  Read more Ippudo Cucumber Salad