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Lotus Root Chips

This is a simple one guys. Lotus root chips – like potato chips, but not! Once again, the chip is the perfect vehicle to bring together amazing combinations of flavors – all you have to do is look in your pantry to see what spices you have laying around. I had a package of seaweed and a little bottle of Japanese House Spice.  I don’t believe this is a recipe you can mess up. You’ll see my ingredient list is a bit vague in terms of how much of what ingredients but like I said, you can’t mess it up. Just flavor as you go. Easy peasy.


1 1lb Lotus Root (more or less depending on how much you want to make)


1 package of seaweed or seaweed flakes

Japanese House Spice

2 cups of olive oil for frying


Thinly slice lotus root using a mandoline. You want to set your mandoline setting so that its not too thin and not too thick – too thin and it’ll burn, too thick and it’ll get soggy. If you don’t know how thick is the right thickness just fry one slice to see if you achieve the right crispness.

Once you’ve determined the thickness of your chip, slice the rest of the lotus root and season with salt and house spice. Don’t worry if you under seasoned, you’ll have the opportunity to season again after frying. Heat 2 cups of olive oil in a large pot. Test the oil by placing a chopstick in the oil, when the oil is ready you’ll see little bubbles forming around it. You should fry your lotus root slices in small batches so you don’t overcrowd your fryer. Wait until your lotus root chips are lightly browned, remove and strain on a paper towel.

While your lotus chips are frying put the package of seaweed into a food processor until finely ground. When all your chips are crispy and a light light brown season with ground up seaweed and taste. If necessary add more house spice and salt. SERVE!

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